Topic: Supernova theory explains global warming, extinction.

Do Supernova Events Cause Extreme Climate Changes? “Global warming will not be reduced by reducing man made CO2 emissions” In recent years, mass die-offs of large animals – like the sudden deaths of 211,000 endangered antelopes within a matter of weeks – have been described as “mysterious” and remain largely unexplained.

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Anthropogenic Global Warming - Fact or Hoax? An editorial. A well-researched article suggesting Anthropomorphic Global Warming may be a hoax.

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Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Who Endorsed Obama Now Says. Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: 'Global warming is a non-problem' 'I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you're wrong.

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Nature Unbound VIII – Modern global warming | Climate Etc. by Javier Summary: Modern Global Warming has been taking place for the past 300 years. It is the last of several multi-century warming periods that have happened during the Neoglacial cooling of the past 3000 years. Analysis of Holocene climate cycles shows that the period 1600-2100 AD should be a period of warming. The evidence…

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Global Warming Thesis Statement Examples This post encompasses global warming thesis statement examples for reference purposes and also provides background information on the topic.

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Time to push back against the global warming Nazis « Roy. Time to push back against the global warming Nazis February 20th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

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Causes and Effects of Global Warming Essay Sample. Introduction. What exactly is global warming and why is it worthy of consideration? Global warming is the scientific phenomenon linking an increase of the average earth temperature because of a trapping of radiation within the earth like a greenhouse.

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No global warming at all for 18 years 9 months - Climate Depot No global warming at all for 18 years 9 months – a new record – The Pause lengthens again – just in time for UN Summit in Paris

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