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Summer Holiday Homework Booklet - TES Resources This is a booklet of activities designed to keep minds occupied over the summer holidays. It is designed for a year 6 class but can be adapted up or down..

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Year 4/5 summer holiday pack - Heathbrook Primary School Year 5 Summer Challenges: The Summer Reading Challenge; For the summer holidays you are going to take part in the “Summer Reading Challenge”. You are expected to read at least 6 books, which you can borrow from your local library.

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KS2 Summer Holiday Homework Pack - End of the School Year Full of lots of summer holiday homework so your children are prepared for the new school year!. KS2 Summer Holiday Homework Pack. Year 6 Project Pack.

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Summer Holiday Activity Pack - TES Resources A pack used with my KS2 students for summer homework. Contains mazes, puzzles, crosswords, wordsearches and other activities related to maths and English.

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HOLIDAY HOMEWORK FOR YEAR 5 - Sytchampton School holiday homework for year 5 this is optional holiday homework and is based on curriculum 2014. it is simply aimed at giving you some ideas to keep children busy during the long break.

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Year 5/6 Summer Holiday Homework - ivychimneys.net Year 5/6 Summer Holiday Homework To keep your minds active over the holiday, we would like you to complete all of the following tasks. These are due in on.

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Summer holiday homework for yr 6 into yr 7 - Mumsnet I teach secondary. It has been normal in every school I've worked in. There is often an attainment dip in year 7 so it is good to keep the brain ticking over.

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